SENTRADE will actively trade in the region’s physical markets aiming to utilize its strategic positioning and thorough market knowledge in order to achieve its targets.

Within the very dynamic environment of the SEE and CEE regions SENTRADE is aiming to become reliable link between the diverse stakeholders within the region, addressing their requirements with creative and mutually beneficial trading ideas.

SENTRADE also aims to be active in relevant financial markets, providing innovative solutions/products, contributing in increasing the region’s forward market liquidity and sophistication

Environmental Products

Participating in mandatory emissions trading markets of the region and major European exchanges, trading both spot and forward contracts and providing sophisticated solutions that match counterparty needs are SENTRADE’s main objectives within this market.

Combining physical and financial expertise can allow the company to offer innovative and customized products to match a variety of risk profiles and market conditions.

Energy related commodities

SENTRADE is actively exploring trading opportunities in commodities linked to power, such as natural gas, coal and oil, utilizing physical and financial instruments in order to optimize its portfolio, provide risk management solutions and take advantage of opportunities throughout the whole value chain from raw materials to end-products.